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Plein Air Artist

John Larner, a self-taught plein air artist

John J. Larner had an overwhelming urge to paint the seashore as a young child growing up in Jacksonville, Florida. Although he had little time to paint, he made sketches. John witnessed many beautiful scenes all over the world during his Navy career. His extended sea duty continued to fuel his desire to paint, which grew stronger after completing his hitch. As with most of us, family obligations took precedence.


By Chance, at the age of 30, Mr. Larner walked into an artist's studio and was smitten by the magnificent colors and the smell of turpentine and linseed oil. It was then that he knew he must take the time to nurture his lifelong passion and begin the evolutionary process of developing himself as an artist.


Between brush strokes, and after retiring from the City of Jacksonville, Mr. Larner moved to Horseshoe Beach, Florida where he began fulfilling another lifelong dream--the dream of becoming a commercial fisherman. After some years at sea, Mr. Larner now lives in Lake City, Florida, and paints full time--in the studio and on location, plein air--painting landscapes and homesteads throughout Columbia County and capturing his passion for the sea from both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of North Florida.


John says, "I paint to get people to stop and look; to appreciate our fast declining environment; and to inspire them to help preserve it. I am basically a self-taught plein air artist, painting out-of-doors, mostly landscapes and seascapes. I like to breathe in the atmosphere as I try to capture it. My passion is color and forms that seem to magically appear on my canvas. My original inspiration was the American oil painter--Robert Wood, and I was also influenced by French and American impressionism."


As an active member of the Suwannee Valley Plein Air Painters, Mr. Larner's work has been shown in Cedar Key and Live Oak Florida, and is in several private collections.


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